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The Perfect Fit

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The Perfect Fit

The new product supplied by Harp Industries, aptly named Pestblock, is the only product available specifically designed to effectively and universally seal the hole left in a kickboard cavity after installing a dishwasher. The new fitting has been embraced by leading kitchen manufacturers and addresses common health and safety issues surrounding exposed kickboard cavities.

After discussions with members of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and other industry regulators, the new hardware fitting, exclusively available through Lincoln Sentry, has been recognised as addressing health and safety requirements for a class 1 building for a food preparation area.

Compliance in a residential occupancy is an important issue and one that has been in the spotlight recently. With more than 15 years of experience in the kitchen manufacturing industry, Harp Industries’ Damian Harpantidis has developed a solution for this issue.

For customers in the market for a new kitchen, a Pestblocked dishwasher should be demanded as standard in maintaining a hygienic and safe environment. The fitting can also be retrofitted in many cases.


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