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Zeb Walker Furniture Design
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“Creating powerful, extraordinary environments filled with distinctive furniture is my life’s work; it is what I will leave behind for others to know me by.”  Zeb Walker

Zeb Walker began his work with timber in his mid teens and has never formally trained to produce furniture; this has allowed his amazing artistic process to flow without interruption or limit; it literally afforded him an open license to purely create.

For a while he built houses and consulted on the internal use of space and solving difficult design situations. This gave him great insights into the living spaces people inhabit and how important furniture is to that working well or not.  Zeb believes that environment is everything; where you live should be a direct reflection of you; a place that supports you to let who you are, at the core, freely express.  

His designs are exceptional and no two pieces are the same; if something is required that is not currently available, he simply fashions it himself.  Hand beaten steel handles, exotic inlays, hand carved chair parts and design features that defy the rules of standard cabinet making are all a part of Zeb’s work.  

What he does is really different; you simply can’t get furniture like this or work with a designer who can bring into being, the very soul of who you are and what you want to say, like he does.

Zeb responds instinctively to new environments; knowing how to make a corporate boardroom invite focused professionalism; a hotel foyer say “welcome to this sacred place” and your home lounge room tempt you and your friends to relax, connect and revel in the richness of the surroundings.

“When I meet with people who want to create their living spaces, I am passionate about listening to who they are as people, as personalities and to what vision they have for their future living.  These initial conversations about my designs and their spaces are very exciting for me; they are the time when my creative intelligence kicks in and I begin to get a real sense of what is possible for them in their lives, in terms of creating their individual blueprint and then their ideal environment.  Being creative at this level is what drives me and I am very focused in this process.  It is essentially an inspirational response; an intuitive “rush” of ideas that work together and arrive at an ultimate solution to transform a space into a living expression of someone’s dream.” Zeb Walker

A creative force to be reckoned with, Zeb Walker has mobilized his business to meet the new design demands of luxury homes and high end commercial properties; his work and the way he integrates it into an environment is the practical application of pure genius.


Zeb is available by appointment in his Showroom or for an onsite consultation in your home or business. To make a booking, contact Zeb by phone or email.


Zeb Walker Furniture Design
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