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AQVA introduces two new models to its ever expanding range of more than 20 freestanding baths and spas.

The Celeste is a spiraling offset oval bath and the Cinque, round but not round, has five asymmetric petals, offering a variety of reclining positions. Both make a sculptural statement, can accommodate two people and have the option of a spa upgrade.

AQVA’s range includes oval, rectangular, corner, square, asymmetrical, small and large models – something for every application and bathroom. Every bathing style is provided for the individual or couple, including reclining, sitting, standing (showering), or relaxing in the chaise longue position. Bath colours can be created to specifications and an overflow can be fitted if required.

All of AQVA’s baths and spas are freestanding, meaning that they do not need to be connected to a wall. This allows you to use the bath as a feature piece in the room, rather than sidelining it, and creates a striking effect.

AQVA products are simple to install and have a ten year warranty. They are strong but lightweight, can be portable or fixed, conserve water and have superior heat retention. Most importantly, they’re affordable. They feature contemporary design and with 22 models, there is a product to suit all tastes.

AQVA has been designing and manufacturing baths and spa baths in Australia for over 15 years and has the experience and techniques to make the best products for contemporary living.

They create objects of beauty, elegance and uncluttered simplicity that enhance your lifestyle, making the cleansing experience more sensual.

For more information and special offers, visit AQVA’s website or contact them by email or phone.

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