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Design Inferno Glass Design Inferno Glass Design Inferno Glass Design Inferno Glass Design Inferno Glass
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Design Inferno Glass is a Melbourne-based company that produces gorgeous glass splashbacks for residential and commercial buildings. Having been in the business for more than 15 years, the team at Design Inferno Glass now impressively produces over 500 splashbacks per year.

For this project, Lynn Gutsell – the owner of Harmony Designer Homes – wanted something that represented harmony, peace and tranquillity. This was best represented by images of nature – butterflies to symbolise new life, the hummingbird as an image of joy and peace, and flowers, which represent growth and truth. By incorporating these images into the splashback, Design Inferno Glass has created an impressive, yet also meaningful, sanctuary in the kitchen for Lynn.

By listening to and understanding the client’s needs, the team at Design Inferno Glass was able to take three of its most popular designs and incorporate them into one. Using the three-colour-process designed splashback, light and dark colours are combined to create a peaceful ambience in the kitchen.

The images are interspersed across the splashback, creating focal points within the kitchen as well as adding subtle details behind floating shelves. The colours used within the splashback complement the darker tones of the wood in the kitchen to create a rich palette of colours within the space.

Not only is the glass splashback easy to clean, this hygienic product will keep its lustre for years to come. The toughened glass splashback is also four to five times stronger than normal glass, making it a robust choice for any kitchen.

As well as glass splashbacks, Design Inferno Glass also produces frameless showers, balustrades, frameless sliding doors, glass flooring and mirrors. Providing quality service to clients mainly in Melbourne, but also in wider Victoria, Design Inferno Glass is the perfect option if you’re looking to create a statement in your kitchen with a premium product.