Prestige Appliances

Prestige Appliances Prestige Appliances
  • Address: 114 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn
  • Phone: (03) 9894 2265
  • Phone: (03) 9894 2265



Leaning on quality and honesty, Prestige Appliances offer a safe and durable kitchen range, with everything from ovens to canopies and dishwashers. Priding themselves on being an Australian owned company, Prestige Appliances import and distribute the highest quality European appliances.

The sleek and classy range of appliances from Prestige is practical and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the range to comfortably be installed into any style of kitchen. The collection will add a splash of colour to your kitchen with striking colours such as bright red and yellow.

Prestige Appliances are set apart by providing first-class European appliances, and unlike others, Prestige refuse to re-badge the appliances with their own brand – which in turn usually results in an inflated price.

As a result of their honesty, they provide reasonable prices for top quality products.

“Our role is to educate, not to sell. We’re here to ensure our clients are in complete control of their choices by removing all doubt and uncertainty,” says Tom Mullan of Prestige Appliances

In knowing the strength and weaknesses of the products in their range, you can then make the right decision as to what will best fit into your kitchen. A common mistake many buyers make is that of an uninformed choice. This is the exact thing Prestige Appliances work to avoid.

Founded on a belief of honesty, you can’t go wrong with Prestige Appliances. They believe their role goes much further than simply selling you a product. To achieve this, they provide information, insights and ideas, all of which comes from their professional experience.

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