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Schweigen Rangehoods not only improve the working conditions inside your kitchen, but the environment surrounding it. Using proven sound-engineering principles, the company has created impressive rangehoods that are efficient, powerful and silent.
Each product operates using Schweigen Rangehoods’ IsoDrive extraction fan, which delivers the highest domestic suction available. Located outside the home, the advanced system is also among the most energy-efficient on the market.
The IsoDrive ventilation system has an external motor unit and works on the same principle as a ducted vacuum hence it never has to push air up against gravity to remove it from your home.
Schweigen Rangehoods’ canopy rangehoods feature an ultra-modern European design, boasting commercial-grade stainless steel filters and a timer with an auto shut-off function. The IsoDrive system draws air quickly and freely outside, avoiding turbulence and any high-risk build-ups of grease and grime.
The canopy rangehoods and IsoDrive system work seamlessly together to deliver both a highly effective operating system and brilliant contemporary design. Each rangehood carries a three-year part and labour warranty, while the exclusive IsoDrive mechanisms are accompanied by a full ten-year warranty to guarantee both security and customers’ confidence.
Installing a rangehood from Schweigen Rangehoods means a cleaner and quieter kitchen and creates an ideal environment for cooking.



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