Urban Edge Ceramics

Urban Edge Ceramics
  • Address: 17–21 Swan Street, Richmond
  • Phone: (03) 9429 2122



Since its establishment in 1999, Urban Edge Ceramics has grown to stock one of the largest, most versatile ranges of tiles in the industry. The company is a key partner and supplier of Italian tile house, Mutina.

One of the latest collections from Mutina is Tex, designed by Raw Edges studio in London. A rich multi-coloured ceramic tile collection inspired by textile textures, the Tex collection is part of the ‘handmade’ product range by Mutina. ‘Tex’ has eight different colours, each of which contains a group of three shades. The production of Tex is artisanal and enables the large variety of textures, the authenticity of colours and the tactile qualities of the glaze.

Also pictured here from Mutina is Azulej, by Patricia Urquiola. The patterns in this porcelain tile collection deliberately combine different aesthetic languages: memories, geometric schemes and floral design, all developed both in longitudinal and diagonal directions. The collection presents a distinctive patchwork quality.

The final Mutina collection pictured here is Ceramica by Silvia Giacobazzi, an elegant, fresh and refined product for contemporary lifestyles. The artisanal production of the tiles makes each piece unique, giving the surface its soft appearance, the elegant bouncing of light broken up by the alternation of flat and curved slabs.

Urban Edge Ceramics is driven to service a niche market. The ranges pictured here only begin to showcase the innovative design solutions on offer. Clients can appreciate the vast range (exceeding 3500 surfaces) in the comfortable atmosphere of the company’s Richmond showroom.

A true innovator in the industry, Urban Edge Ceramics also specialises in all types of home design and can help you develop a unique and stunning home interior. For a highly functional and visually appealing kitchen or bathroom, or to select some exceptional tiles to complete your perfect space, contact Urban Edge Ceramics today.


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