Andrew Mann Joinery

Based in Ballarat, Andrew Mann Joinery has decades of experience working on beautiful goldrush era homes.

Sabra Projects

Originating in Sydney back in 1975, Sabra Projects is a third-generation cabinet making business, which has been transforming cabinetry throughout Melbourne since 2000.

Old-2-Nu Industries

Designed to operate in a studio environment, this stunning kitchen has the star quality of a special television guest. Manufactured and installed with precision by Old-2-Nu Industries the kitchen is used to host cooking schools, functions and is the set for Network...

New Age Kitchens & Bathrooms

New Age Kitchens & Bathrooms is the new showroom for the manufacturing company Rainbow Kitchens, which has been operating for over 15 years in Melbourne’s inner west. On display are six kitchen design options along with wardrobes, laundry cabinets, vanities and...