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A Clever Combination

Feb 9, 2022 | Kitchen and Bathroom News

Known for bringing you the latest kitchen trends and technology, Designer Appliances is excited to introduce the brand-new Fisher & Paykel Gas + Induction combination cooktops. Beautiful black glass and durable matte black details blend elegance and durability to create a stylish and efficient addition to your kitchen. You can now experience the sleek, minimal look of induction cooktops with the intensity of gas-powered wok burners at the same time.

These gas-on-glass cooktops are easy to clean and flexible to use, providing you with multiple options for cooking dinner in a flash. Whether it’s the precision and temperature control of induction that you need to sear, sauté and temper, or a consistent gas flame for even heat distribution, enjoy the best of both worlds with these innovative cooktops. Contact your local Designer Appliances’ gallery for more product ranges and ways to shop with the friendly kitchen appliance experts.