Hatch Design Studio

A multi-disciplinary design practice located in Interlock, husband and wife team Darren and Jayne Stewardson founded Hatch Design Studio with the drive to deliver beautifully designed homes to Victorians.

Blank & Co Design

Exuding timelessness from the charred timber exterior, this remarkable space was brought to life by Blank & Co Design, in collaboration with Jaycon Developments and Kidis Design.

In Perfect Harmony

Each individual room in your home has its own purpose and deserves its own unique atmosphere, however for your home to feel harmonious and inviting you also need to consider how each space works within the house as a whole.

The Rangehood Revolution

Removing airborne grease, smoke and steam from your kitchen space, your rangehood truly extends the longevity of your kitchen, as well as providing ample benefits for the health of you and your family.

The Vintage Vernacular

While sleek, contemporary kitchen design continues to reign supreme in homes across Victoria, many of these modern marvels still pay homage to trends of the past – fusing together traits of both old and new to create a functional space at the heart of the home.