Feel the Feng Shui

Whether you’re an introvert who loves a night in, or a nocturnal animal who thrives in the moonlight, everyone deserves to zen out when they arrive back to their humble abode.

The Modern Stone Age

Sally O’Brien speaks with Madeleine Athanasiadis, director of Lithostone  Surfaces, on the benefits of stone, current design trends and exciting new opportunities to feature stone in your home.

Natural Beauty

A kitchen is often viewed as the heart of a home, but with so many homeowners opting for modern and monochromatic themes throughout these spaces, it can be difficult to balance style and aesthetic with personality and warmth.

Material Mastery

Jacqueline Maya speaks with Let’s Talk Kitchens and Interiors, about the benefits of the latest bathroom trends.

FIAA Industry Awards 2018

Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design showcases the winners and finalists of the 2018 FIAA Industry Awards.