Life in the Digital Age

For many modern households, the kitchen is the centrepiece of the home – functioning as a multi-purpose gathering space and family hub, not just a place to prepare meals.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home | Category: "Articles" Home Is Where The Heart Is With countless competitors in the design and construct industry, Mode Group stands out amongst the crowd with its wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity. Homeowners long for a harmonious design...

Set In Stone

With your benchtops being a major focal point in your kitchen, the material you choose is of utmost importance to the overall design. Natural stone has been a top choice in kitchen design for centuries, and it’s no secret why.

Tiles Of Style

Tiles are arguably one of the most important material choices you will make when designing or renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

In Perfect Harmony

Each individual room in your home has its own purpose and deserves its own unique atmosphere, however for your home to feel harmonious and inviting you also need to consider how each space works within the house as a whole.

The Rangehood Revolution

Removing airborne grease, smoke and steam from your kitchen space, your rangehood truly extends the longevity of your kitchen, as well as providing ample benefits for the health of you and your family.