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A New Corner Of The Market

Feb 9, 2022 | Kitchen and Bathroom News

Buildmat’s penchant for innovation and creative solutions was recognised in the 2020 Architecture MasterPrize awards, an international initiative based in Los Angeles and judged by a panel of esteemed architects. Buildmat took home the Product Design Award for its clever kitchen corner sink, described as having excellent functionality and an incredible design.

Most deserving of this award, the kitchen corner sink is a result of feedback from customers, builders, interior designers and architects, who all find it difficult to work with the awkward corner of the kitchen that is often left as wasted space. With Buildmat’s corner sink, homeowners can choose between an undermount or overmount sink that offers a modern aesthetic with clean symmetry.

This has filled a wide gap in the market, particularly for those who are dealing with smaller, U-shaped kitchens without the luxury of space or a more open layout. It also allows easier renovations, since one can now update a sink by simply replacing it without completely rebuilding the kitchen. Now homeowners, builders and interior designers won’t have to compromise on either functionality or aesthetics when it comes to the corner sink – Buildmat has managed to achieve both in the one product, and the Architecture MasterPrize awards certainly acknowledged that.

The corner sink is not the first innovation Buildmat has come up with; since its establishment in 2014, the team has been all about innovation and product development. Buildmat has taken bold strides to manufacture and stock products in niche shapes and sizes that other brands don’t, carefully listening to customers and their needs. From its first cutting-edge thicker gauge steel sinks to the ingenious corner sink, Buildmat has well and truly thought outside the box, not only attempting but successfully achieving brilliant solutions for the modern homeowner.