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Albedor Industries

Albedor Industries is an Australian family owned business providing quality finishes and cabinetry solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and joinery. With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing, Albedor Industries is renowned for its superior quality standards, consistent lead times and competitive pricing.

The use of materials of excellent quality combined with the latest technology, enable Albedor to produce routed thermo-formed doors of exceptional standard.

Albedor is well known in the cabinet making industry for our stable lead times and consistent output, which makes it an attractive proposition for cabinet makers, architects and builders who need to know their products will be available on time as planned. Each and every door the company manufactures is individually checked, cleaned and wrapped prior to packing for delivery. Albedor guarantees that ordered goods will arrive in perfect condition. Albedor cabinet doors are designed with style and versatility, and the team is proud that more and more builders and designers are using their product range for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.


Albedor Industries

7 Research Drive
Croydon South
Tel: (03) 9761 6330

Email: albedor@albedor.com.au
Website: www.albedor.com.au