AR Marble

To say AR Marble is passionate about stone is an understatement. Company owner Tony Pinna grew up around stone and has worked in the stone industry his whole life. The result is a man with an extensive knowledge and love of quality stonework.

This passion means that as a company, AR Marble is very particular about the quality of the stone and work it provides. It is very important to AR Marble that only the best stone products are used. All materials the company works with are imported from well-known, reputable companies, both internationally and locally.

When it comes to stone, AR Marble can do everything. The company will work with all types of stone, from marble and granite, to reconstituted stone. Supplying a wide range of decorated designs, colours, effects and tones, AR Marble can build and install vanity units and tops, benchtops, walls, floors and any other product or surface made from stone.

This particular project is a perfect example of the wide scope of work AR Marble can do, and the high level of perfection it reaches. The excellent workmanship is what makes this job stand out.

The quality of work can be seen in the kitchen, ensuite and lobby of this apartment. The luxurious ensuite looks out to panoramic city views through ceiling to floor windows. It was AR Marble’s aim to match this fantastic surrounding with superior décor.

AR Marble installed beautifully crafted slabs of dark brown marble throughout the whole space, including the walls, benchtop and bath. Coupled with stunning stainless steel, clean lines were employed throughout for a classy look and a functional wide step was created out of the same type of marble to reach the bath.

The pool area stands out as the most spectacular room of the apartment. Accompanied by beautiful mosaic tiles, the light nature of the natural stone adds an aura of upper-class design to the room. Creating the walls, floor and uniquely and simplistically crafted steps, the stone is not only aesthetically pleasing but is a highly durable choice of material for the pool area.

Reconstituted stone is always a good choice for kitchens because it is the most durable and lasting option on the market and its strength is unsurpassed. Therefore AR Marble chose to install it for the benchtop and joining sides, the splashback and part of the wall in this kitchen. Adopting a bright, light hued theme, the kitchen is very spacious, elegant and neat.

AR Marble works closely with architects and interior designers during each job to ensure clients’ needs are met. In this case, the company worked with interior designers to achieve this seamless look. The clients trusted AR Marble to do the best job possible and the result was a true masterpiece.