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Atlite Skylights

Atlite Skylights’ Energilite is part of its new Premium Roof Window range, as featured in this stunning project by the company. The client wanted a selection of skylights fitted throughout their home to enhance the style and functionality of their living spaces.

Triangular and square Energilite skylights were installed in the client’s bathroom and hallway. The product’s doubleglazed glass keeps the home well insulated, while also reducing heating and cooling costs. To maintain its sleek design, Atlite Skylights removed the thick bulky rims and selected edge-to-edge glass to provide maximum light.

The new design can also be installed without the need of a pit ch adapter, making installation a breeze. Atlite Skylights offers an extensive range of products that can be custom-made to any shape or size. The in-house manufacturing team ensures a quick turnaround of its products, which are designed to meet your exact requirements.

Winner of Good Design Australia’s 2018 Good Design Award for its sleek, sophisticated and innovative Premium Roof Window, Atlite Skylights delivers uncompromising quality in the design, construction and installation of its cuttingedge products.

Established more than 50 years ago, Atlite Skylights continues to provide its clients with the highest standard of design and execution. Its specially trained tradespeople will give you the peace of mind you need with a ten-year guarantee on the enduring performance of its materials.

All of the company’s skylights come with a five-star energy rating under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS), and are a great way to brighten your space with free, energy-efficient, natural light. Atlite Skylights is located in Victoria, with the means to service interstate clients.


Atlite Skylights

31–33 Kembla Street
Tel: (03) 9584 8500
Email: skylight@atlite.com.au
Website: www.atlite.com.au