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Avel Innovations

Avel Innovations

Specialists in joinery, TV units, Waterproof TV’s, Open Frame TV’s and Cabinet TV’s, Avel Innovations is always ready to discuss the needs, desires, and budget of prospective clients with a view to infinitely improving their lifestyles.
Like its partner company, Artemis Kitchens, Avel Innovations was born from founder Nick Vlahoulis’ passion for delivering beautiful, bespoke cabinetry that exceeds its customers’ expectations. Avel Innovations has recently opened a brand-new Home Innovation Centre in Frankston, where the team offer pioneering designs, meticulous craftmanship and exceptional customer service.

Avel’s cabinet door TVs are the perfect high-tech addition to your kitchen, and the team at Avel Innovations will seamlessly integrate this sleek new technology into your home. This visionary product functions as a cabinet door, so it doesn’t take up any space in your kitchen and is perfect for those with limited space. All of Avel Innovations clever products are highly durable and water-resistant, so whether you’re looking to watch the news while your cook, or unwind in the bathtub with your favourite sitcom, you can rest assured that your television is perfectly fit-for-purpose.

For a more discrete addition, the open-frame TV integrates behind a mirror and remains hidden until turned on – and thanks to its built-in vibrating speakers there is no compromise on sound quality.

Avel Innovations strives to provide the best solutions on the market; the team fully understand that your home is a reflection of you and will be more than happy to work closely with you to ensure that your space is exactly how you envisioned. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are passionate joinery experts who will work closely to meet your exact specifications and ensure that your Avel television perfectly integrates into your home.

By consistently providing an exceptional service and seeking new and innovative products, the company is able to offer pioneering solutions that will improve your storage capacity and lifestyle. The forward-thinking and adaptable team has the necessary expertise and experience to guide you from the initial consultation right through to the project’s completion, and will expertly navigate liaising with builders, developers, and architects to provide a holistic service that adheres to the homeowners every wish.

Avel Innovations also distributes its products Australia-wide and provides a range of services. The team is always happy to discuss your unique project and will work hard to make your life at home both easier and more ingenious.


Avel Innovations

2 Catherine Street, Coburg North

Mobile: 0423 494 545
Email: info@avelinnovations.com.au
Website: www.avelinnovations.com.au

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This impressive project, designed, manufactured and installed by Artemis Kitchen Designs in an exciting new partnership with Avel Innovations, showcases the company’s cutting-edge televisions and features Blaupunkt kitchen appliances.