Dreier by Design

When Vicki Dreier of Dreier by Design purchased this ‘80s house 18 months ago, the plan was always to renovate. After a fire in the kitchen, it was time to embark on a major renovation for a kitchen, bathroom and laundry. The most important priorities in this project were to make it as eco-friendly as possible and to make the kitchen a much larger, functional space.

After completing her design, Vicki contracted Hilltop Constructions to ensure that a wall that was to be removed between the kitchen and laundry was not structural. The main aim was to secure more space for the kitchen (which will be featured in the next edition of Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design.)

Vicki compromised by having the laundry created within the bathroom. After listing everything that needed to be accommodated for a functional bathroom/laundry, she designed the space to house her new Siemens washing machine, with a 5-star water rating, 4-star energy rating and i-Dos intelligent dosage technology. Vicki designed a split-level bench to provide a laundry chute, utilising what would have otherwise been a dead corner.

The Think Wise LED lighting strip around three sides of the shaving cabinet provides the energy-efficiency that Vicki was looking for and gives a chic hotel feel to the room. Visit the Shabby to Chic website and follow the link to Dreier by Design.