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Enigmatic Igneous

Feb 7, 2019 | Industry News From Issue 23

Inspired by the irregular shapes that result from Earth’s igneous processes, Caldera basins are the latest range of nature-inspired products offered by Rogerseller. Mimicking the contours of a volcanic crater, the shape of each basin lends itself perfectly to semi-inset installations.

Designed by Rogerseller’s product designer Nick Johnston in partnership with leading Italian furniture manufacturer Falper, the Caldera collection invokes a sense of natural harmony within the contemporary bathroom space.

Featuring a range of select pieces with endless compositions, the collection allows for creative freedom. Each item can be installed individually or together to create a tailored bathroom furniture solution. Showcasing an organic shape, the stone basins will seamlessly integrate with contemporary timber benchtops.

All elements used in Rogerseller’s products are stocked within Australia, which enables the company to design, deliver and install its custom pieces within days rather than months. The Caldera collection completes the company’s portfolio of bathroom products, which now caters to all aspects of modern design. Homeowners can look forward to the company’s expansion in 2019 and beyond.