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Australia is a one of the most multicultural societies in the world, and with an abundance of culture brings a great array of food. In Australia we are lucky to be able to sample cuisines from around the world, and these foods are now being introduced into the family kitchen. With the introduction of indoor barbecues, wok burners, fish burners and high-speed gas grillers, a huge amount of smoke and odour can be generated in the kitchen, and all of these by-products of cooking your favourite meals must be removed quickly and quietly.

In order to keep your kitchen both odour and smoke free, the correct product selection of your kitchen appliances is essential. When selecting the right rangehood the first question to ask is what cookware will be used and what type of cooking will be done? The above information coupled with the heat output of the appliance will allow the E&S staff to help you determine the required air movement needed in your kitchen.

One of the most sought after brands when it comes to rangehoods is QASAIR. QASAIR have been manufacturing rangehoods in Victoria for over forty years and are displayed in all E&S Trading showrooms. QASAIR has positioned itself at the forefront of the domestic cookware industry for its quality design and efficiency.

QASAIR have taken rangehoods to the next level by reducing the noise emission to a lower level than most other kitchen appliances. They showcase the very latest in Australian design for Australian conditions, with a selection of creative designs in sleek modern styles.

Boasting an array of sensual lines, immediately creating a striking presence, QASAIR hoods retain the ability to function over all domestic cooking equipment available on the Australian market today.

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