Hettich Australia

Leading cabinetry and fittings manufacturer Hettich is committed to delivering the most innovative and functional products to its customers, offering the new ArciTech Drawer System and Push to open Silent function to the Australian market.

The ArciTech Drawer System’s unique prism principle guarantees a silky smooth running action each time the drawers are opened and closed. This drawer system also features synchronised control for an absolutely even profile action without a noticeable transition.

With exceptional stability, the ArciTech Drawer System has runners for three different loading capacities – 40kg, 60kg and 80kg. With maximum lateral stability and low sagging values, this drawer system copes with any demand and has the kind of high-quality finish you can feel.

Hettich’s Push to open Silent function works on an all-mechanical basis, so it doesn’t need a power supply and provides the convenience of an electromechanical system. A gentle press on the front panel is all it takes, and Push to open Silent opens the drawer enough that there is usually no need to pull it out any further by hand. Offering convenience and luxury, the Push to open Silent function was given the International Forum (iF) Design Award for 2014.

Working in conjunction, the ArciTech Drawer System and Push to open Silent function culminate in a drawer system that combines a mechanical push-to-open mechanism with the accessibility and luxurious feel of a silent system.

Hettich makes living spaces work beautifully through a wide range of high-quality furniture fittings, including award-winning soft-close hinge and drawer systems that are backed by a lifetime warranty, including the ArciTech Drawer System – a revolutionary drawer, made for the future.

Additional quality products in the Hettich range include folding and sliding door systems, stylish handles, European- designed LED lighting, ergonomic storage solutions and a wide range of accessories for these products throughout the home.

Visit a Hettich endorsed showroom to have a look at the new systems on offer and be inspired by the stunning designs to see how Hettich products can help you realise your design dreams and ensure your living spaces work beautifully.