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Procoat Kitchens installation Melbourne kitchen designer latest cabinetry mechanisms

Renovating a kitchen can be a timeconsuming, costly task, but with the right approach, this needn’t be the case. If you’re happy with the overall layout of your kitchen, but want to update its aesthetic and functionality, consider resurfacing it. That is precisely what the team at Procoat Kitchens did for this Altona residence, which features two-pack cabinets and stone overlaid benchtops.

While the kitchen’s cabinets were still in excellent condition, and the client was content with the footprint of the zone, they wanted to upgrade their appliances and storage solutions, as well as modernise the overall feel of the space.

In order to achieve this, all cabinet doors, drawer fronts and panels were resurfaced with a sleek two-pack satin finish, and the benchtops were treated to a 12mm stone overlay. New slimline handles were installed throughout, while hinges and drawers were converted to soft-close mechanisms. Additional storage was provided with a new under-oven drawer, and the double doors at the left of the oven were converted to a bank of soft-close drawers. The pantry doors were converted to full-height, and a row of drawers was added inside. A self-closing double waste bin was installed in the under-sink cabinet, and finally, a new coloured glass splashback was added, completely transforming the space. This project was achieved at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation, with none of the mess and fuss.

Established in 1994, Procoat Kitchens specialises in resurfacing and repairing kitchens and cabinetry. If your kitchen is looking a little worse for wear, speak to the friendly team at Procoat Kitchens before embarking on a complete renovation; a simple – and costeffective – resurfacing may be exactly the revamp you’re looking for.