Marbut has been delivering the highest quality products and friendly service to the Victorian cabinetmaking industry for more than 100 years. Through constant engagement with the industry and extensive research and development, Marbut is able to provide cutting-edge products that continue to inspire kitchen designers and architects. Marbut was one of the first companies to supply post-formed laminate benchtops in the 1970s. In the 2000s Marbut again lead the market by supplying pre-glued vinyl-wrapped doors to eager customers. Now Marbut has done it again.

Designed and developed from the ground up, Marbut’s new stone benchtop manufacturing plant is the most automated facility in the southern hemisphere. Through automation Marbut is able to provide customers with consistent quality, precision finishes and millimetre perfect accuracy, be it manufactured on a cold Monday morning or a hot Friday afternoon. Marbut is so confident in this finish it backs it up with an industry first ten year manufacturing warranty. Automation also brings with it efficiencies in manufacturing, proving Marbut products offer excellent value for money.

This precision allows Marbut to fold the stone and provide Senza Linea edges to waterfall ends to waterfall ends, 40mm benchtops and 100mm benchtops if you wish. No more annoying glue line running through the middle of your new benchtop edge (as shown on the top left image of this page). The folding of the stone also allows the texture and the grain of the stone to continue through to the edge. Marbut also provides mason mitre joins as standard. Again a legacy from the post-form laminate industry, this high quality joining method has proven over many years to provide a superior join between benchtop pieces (as shown on top right image of this page).

Marbut has also invested in the latest Laser measuring equipment so that your benchtop is measured millimetre perfect. This technology also allows them to measure your glass splashbacks at the same time, allowing your kitchen to be completed weeks earlier. This is why Marbut has become the stone and glass supplier of choice for builders, retailers and consumers.