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Naturally Clean

Feb 9, 2022 | Kitchen and Bathroom News

Offering a healthy alternative to quartz surface care, leading natural cleaning product brand, quartz clean, is keen to present Australia’s newest and safest solution to effectively cleaning engineered quartz surfaces.

At its essence, quartz clean is a quality conscious product. It was created to give quartz surfaces the best possible care while nurturing health and wellbeing by offering a safer option compared to cleaning products that contain synthetic and toxic surfactants and other potentially harmful ingredients. The precisely formulated blend harnesses the dual benefits of nine pure and organic essential oils for potent cleaning power with the added luxury of a divine, therapeutic fragrance of citrus, mint and eucalyptus.

For the modest price of $34.50, the quartz clean ‘dynamic duo’ includes Everyday Surface Cleaner for sparkling quartz surfaces in a flash, and its sidekick, Deep Clean Surface Cream, a non-abrasive formula that does the heavy lifting when it comes to stain removal. Visit the website to purchase these fantastic products.