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Nature’s Finest

Feb 7, 2019 | Industry News From Issue 24, Kitchen and Bathroom News

New from marble specialist Gallaria, the Legno basin is a daring choice that will add a unique marble accent to your bathroom. Imitating the appearance of wood, the surface and shape of the Legno basin exudes luxury, passing as an objet d’arte that will up the level of sophistication in your contemporary bathroom space.

Following tradition, the basin’s surface is carefully ground and smoothed to leave a honed matte finish, while the veins of the material remain as a subtle nod to the past. Clay, sand and iron oxides present in the limestone layers give each piece of marble a unique appearance to ensure that no two basins are alike.

The basin’s bold shape is a completely modern interpretation of the traditional vessel basin. This elegant blend of old and new demonstrates how Gallaria is pushing boundaries of contemporary bathroom design.

The Legno basin is an extension of Gallaria’s own brand Mamo, a made-to-order range of European marble baths, basins and furniture, which is available throughout Australia.