PJT Cabinets

Designed by PJT Cabinets’ qualified interior designer Jenefer Macleod, this kitchen was presented with the President’s Choice Award at the 2011 Cabinet Makers Association awards.

The client approached PJT Cabinets with a clear idea of what she needed, and worked with the company to select accessories and storage solutions that not only suited these needs but also ensured a smooth work flow while cooking.

Everything in the kitchen is easily accessible, meaning food preparation can be a seamless and simple process. PJT Cabinets consulted closely with the client to develop a design brief. The client requested a kitchen that was functional, with enough space for at least two people to work in the room at one time. It was also important that the area was suitable for the client’s family to gather at the island bench, calling for spaciousness and thoughtful planning.

A combination of clever design and special accessories has boosted the kitchen’s practicality. The layout of benches and accessories provides plentiful space for people to work or gather in the kitchen, while the special storage requirements requested by the client ensures the kitchen can be quickly and easily freed of any clutter or appliances not in use.

In creating the kitchen, PJT Cabinets also had to ensure the kitchen cabinetry flowed into the living area, in line with the client’s brief, which required the cabinetry to span two different floor levels – a tricky feature to design.

PJT Cabinets installed feature lighting and mirrored splashbacks, kickboards and interior panels in the 5m x 4m space to give the kitchen a unique aesthetic edge. Uniting a rustic look with the conveniences of contemporary design, the kitchen goes above and beyond what the client wanted.

The feature-packed kitchen has a combination of flat door faces and profile door panels, which have been finished in a two-pack paint. Various handles were used, with simple handles selected for the main kitchen area, feature handles on cabinetry that faces the living and dining areas, and push-catches to the island bench that create a minimalist look.

The benchtop is comprised of 40mm natural stone and the splashback is a combination of natural stone and mirror. LED lighting and integrated appliances including fridges, a dishwasher, and a Franke corner cooktop and rangehood, were also used.

PJT Cabinets specialises in custom-designed cabinetry and has extensive experience in designing modern and classic kitchens, as well as other types of cabinetry. Established in 1987 by Peter Tresidder and based in Tullamarine, the company builds between 60 and 80 kitchens annually, and the PJT Cabinets team travels to most areas in and around Melbourne. The showroom can be viewed by appointment.