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Smith & Smith Kitchens
Smith & Smith Kitchens
Smith & Smith Kitchens

Smith & Smith Project 45


This contemporary kitchen renovation makes the most out of a small space. Smith & Smith Kitchens completely revitalises the room by creating an open-plan layout fitted with a seating area for the homeowners where family and friends can gather around.

Mainly neutral in its colour scheme, the kitchen’s cabinets consist of a cool soft green that is paired with beautiful brass handles. These tones give off a serene and relaxed atmosphere. Completed with wooden flooring, wooden shelving and brown leather bar stools, this kitchen emanates rustic and cool tones, while still presenting itself as contemporary. The soft wooden accents that run throughout the white and sage kitchen complement each other greatly, creating a bright and easily- accessible kitchen.

The neutral colour palette and natural light that beams through the room, accentuating the space. Though a small room, the light opens up the kitchen and ultimately gives off the effect of a wider space.

An impressive renovation project, Smith & Smith Kitchens knocked out a wall to create the side bench for the homeowners and ultimately bring the kitchen into the main living area.

The drawers, open shelves and bench space make the space feel bigger and provide a new seating function. With ample storage space and a beautiful and open shelving unit to display simple home décor pieces, this calm kitchen transforms the home and totally revitalizes the space. The stone benchtops and laminate doors also add to the kitchens clean and sharp finish.

Accompanied by strip lighting under the cabinets and a square skylight, the kitchen is filled with light that reflects beautifully off the kitchens silver appliances. The white simple marble tiling on the wall along the side of the benchtop, is a delicate and neat feature that adds sophistication and style to the space. It is no doubt that Smith & Smith Kitchens has outdone itself here!


Smith & Smith Kitchens

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