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Silent Protection

May 12, 2021 | Kitchen and Bathroom News

With an ongoing dedication to looking after the health of Australians and providing high-quality products, Schweigen offers its customers the perfect solution to noise pollution – the silent rangehood.

The 2011 report from the World Health Organisation shows that prolonged exposure to constant cacophony from the surrounding environment can significantly impact a person’s health, from stress to high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. This noise problem is an ever-increasing issue within the home, disrupting sleep and
deterring focus. Noise is no longer just a bother, but a serious health issue.

Luckily, the clever and innovative team at Schweigen designs rangehoods that are both great at extraction and perfectly quiet, performing efficiently without harming your eardrums. These rangehoods consist of powerful technology, including the quietest German-made centrifugal extraction fan integrated into a Schweigen-designed motor system called the Isodrive®.

The silence-inducing operations do not stop there. Since even the quietest motors and fans generate noise, Schweigen’s Isodrive motors are externally installed, either through the roof, wall or eave, with acoustically matched, right-sized flexible ducting. With such a quiet rangehood, you can finally cook in peace.

Schweigen offers an extensive selection of rangehood types that incorporate this silent technology, to accommodate all kinds of kitchens and styles. The company’s Undermount Rangehoods integrate seamlessly into overhead cabinetry for a sleek and unobtrusive look, whilst its Wallmount Rangehoods are a more traditional design, renowned for their high-quality performance.

If your cooktop is positioned in an island bench, Schweigen’s Ceiling Cassettes are the perfect option, installed directly into the bulkhead or ceiling, appearing flat for an uninterrupted view. Another solution for the island bench is Schweigen’s Island Mount Rangehood, a more conspicuous yet stylish choice that is installed centrally. Schweigen has your outdoor kitchen covered too with its BBQ Alfresco Rangehood, extracting airborne grease and smoke while keeping your outdoor environment quiet.