Smarter Bathrooms

Whatever the brief, Smarter Bathrooms has the ability to create unique and eye-catching designs that truly stand out from the crowd. The two bathrooms featured here perfectly illustrate the diverse range of design styles the company can complete.

The first bathroom, designed by Vanessa Cook, is an elegant homage to romantic English style with modern accents. Featuring a freestanding bathtub and Alape ‘Circa’ vessel basin, the simplicity of the bathroom accessories provides the perfect backdrop to emphasise the Bisazza ‘Fleurs Rosa’ mosaic panel.

The striking mosaic feature has the effect of brightening the all-white room, adding a unique focal point, while also being incredibly practical because the intricate tile pattern is ideal for wet areas such as these.

Another exciting addition to the bathroom is the art deco mirrored vanity table and mirror. The table was custommade by Manhattan Mirrored Company, and its reflective beauty is matched with a mirrored cabinet positioned above the bath.

Designed by Russell Henderson the second bathroom follows an aesthetic distinct to its counterpart. For this project the clients required a more modern design, and the result is a bathroom with strong visual appeal.

The three-tone colour scheme is simple, yet highly effective. The boldness of the red, tiled feature wall is highlighted by the white and dark walnut veneer of the vanity and windows.

The red tiles of the feature wall are a mish-mash of different rectangle and square shapes, adding further interest to the already remarkable bathroom. The geometric styling continues with the circular windows and vanity mirror, completing the modern design.

Whatever your taste or budget, Smarter Bathrooms has the expertise and eye for design that is required to make any project great. Servicing all of inner-Melbourne, Smarter Bathrooms has been known to build up to five bathrooms a week. Contact the skilled team at Smarter Bathrooms to find out how easy it is to achieve great bathroom design.