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Lithostone Surfaces marble kitchen benchtops stain resistant

A-Stone-Ishing Range

Aug 2, 2019 | Industry News From Issue 24, Kitchen and Bathroom News

Lithostone Surfaces is pleased to showcase three beautiful new engineered stone varieties – ‘Calacatta Riverina’, ‘Alba White’ and ‘Ultra White’ – from within its new showroom on McGregor’s Drive, Keilor Park.

‘Calacatta Riverina’ is an exquisite surface with flowing grey veins on a pure white background, while ‘Alba White’ mimics the soft grey variations of natural Alba White marble. Like the name suggests, ‘Ultra White’ is a brilliant white stone surface, regarded for its simplicity.

Also new to the range is a dedicated cream cleaner. While engineered stone is remarkably durable, like any product it benefits from correct cleaning techniques. A wipe with soapy water is enough for everyday cleaning, but Lithostone Surfaces recommends using a cream cleaner once a week, or when the stone has been exposed to a stain-prone substance, such as lily pollen or red wine. This clever creation will keep your stone surfaces looking their bright, polished best.

The dynamic range from Lithostone Surfaces includes 28 colours of stone as well as natural marble, granite and onyx slabs. The synthesised stone, crafted with 93 percent quartz crystals, and resin for stability, comes with a 15-year warranty and is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, bathroom or living space.


Lithostone Surfaces marble kitchen benchtops stain resistant