The Art of Bathrooms

The Art of Bathrooms is a boutique-style company that specialises in complete bathroom makeovers. Their philosophy is to provide innovative bathroom design solutions with superior client service. They build throughout Melbourne metro and the Mornington Peninsula.

The featured bathroom captures the essence of their design brilliance from top to bottom. The owners were seeking an inviting bathroom which was highly functional, allowed for natural light to fill the room and had an open space shower.

The Art of Bathrooms delivered these goals by implementing many design techniques and materials. The major features are the high ceilings and elevated windows – meeting the client’s needs by allowing natural light to fill the room, while still providing the privacy needed for such an intimate space with the use of the higher positioned windows.

The featured bathroom is light and spacious. It blends limestone and tumbled marble tiles together, creating a simple yet beautiful effect. It features a full sized glass wall, which opens up to the lush green surrounding environment. This gives the bathroom a relationship with its exterior, maximising the use of its position within the house.

The result is unique and harmonious. The bathroom is functional because it is not over complicated – its simplicity is its finest quality.

This bathroom will last for years to come as it is classy yet simple and able to withstand the ages of changing design trends. The Art of Bathrooms added a nice touch to the space by fitting custom built cabinets, which complement the large white, stone basin. Each design element is integrated so that they flow together.

The Art of Bathrooms provides their clients with personalised service, dedication and attention to detail when it comes to bathroom renovations. They are a family owned business and The Art of Bathrooms is an extension of their established business which specialises in new home developments and renovations.

They combine traditional skills, strict attention to detail and exceptional customer service and apply it to each project undertaken. This way, each and every one of your needs will be met so that the bathroom created is your own.

The Art of Bathrooms understands that the bathroom is a personal space that needs care and requires a sensitive approach. As one of the most used and most necessary rooms of the house, your bathroom should be exactly what you want it to be. If your bathroom needs a revamp to bring it back to life, then The Art of Bathrooms will take control.