The Niche Man
The Niche Man

The Niche Man

Servicing the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne metropolitan area, The Niche Man designs and manufactures high-quality shower and bathroom niches. The company’s 100 per cent Australian-made product has supplied tilers, plumbers, plasterers, builders and even home renovators with a professional, reliable service for more than five years.

Company founder David leads a dedicated team who specialise in custom-building niches to clients’ specific requirements. The team go above and beyond to provide the highest-quality workmanship, customer service and reliability, which sets them apart from other businesses throughout Melbourne.

Whether for resting your foot on while shaving or showcasing a feature item, a niche is a modern, easy way to transform your old boring bathroom into a modern, sleek, luxurious space.

If you are looking to an easy solution to your bathroom design, then perhaps a custom made shower niche is something to consider. Whether it is a new bathroom, a bathroom renovation, or even a dry area that needs a niche, our custom made shower niches can save you time and money because they are ready to install!

A niche can be any size as long as it is practical. It can be divided into compartments and even illuminated with LED lighting (see your electrician for specifics).

At The Niche Man we specialize in Custom Built niches specific to your individual requirements …any sizeany heightany length! They don’t have to be square or rectangular either. If you have something unique in mind, please give us a call.

Save time as they are all SQUARED, 100% WATERPROOF and ready to install.


The Niche Man

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