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Timeless Terrazzo

Feb 7, 2019 | Industry News From Issue 23

Returning to the interior design scene in many new and exciting ways, terrazzo is straying from tradition to instead feature throughout a variety of home accessories, namely those available exclusively at Oliver Thom. ERAT by Lucie Kaas showcases how terrazzo can be effectively used in minimalistic designs, which sit perfectly within modern luxurious bathrooms. Designed by Alberto Bellamoli, the ERAT range draws inspiration from Bellamolli’s Grezzana heritage, a small village famous for its terrazzo production.

The innovative range takes a material that was traditionally used in tiles, floors and benches, and challenges its conventional form to create contemporary pieces of art, including trays, mirrors and candle holders, which are available in rose, green and black.

The designs transform terrazzo into usable, everyday products that celebrate the speckled beauty of each unique piece of stone, reviving this art deco treasure for the 21st century.