In the featured project the homeowners not only wanted a kitchen with breathtaking design elements that incorporated the home’s expansive surrounding environment, they also wanted their new kitchen to be highly functional.

This balance was achieved through the use of stylish V-ZUG appliances.

This elegant kitchen area will please any aspiring cook. The combination of state-of-the-art appliances, a large pantry area, functional island bench and large preparation area mean this kitchen was created to impress!

The appliances installed in the home include the V-ZUG Combi Steam XSL, Combair SL Oven, Steam N Oven and coffee machine for the ultimate cooking experience.

The main kitchen flows into the alfresco area where V-ZUG appliances are also installed. The outdoor area is instantly transformed into an entertainer’s dream with the addition of a V-ZUG Induction Wok and Teppenyaki Plate.

The entire V-ZUG series can be coordinated to form a seamless, elegant and aesthetically appealing visual in any kitchen. The built-in appliances can be combined to suit any cabinetry or kitchen styling, be it horizontal or as an elegant block combination.

Kitchens are the heart of any home, so it is important you can find the right balance between function and form.

All appliances in the V-ZUG range have both in spades.

V-ZUG appliances come with the promise of premium Swiss quality. They characterise every aspect of innovation, functionality and elegance. For truly captivating modern kitchen appliances and fixtures, the V-ZUG range is the brand for you.