YDL Stone

YDL Stone quartz stone is a durable, high-quality and elegant benchtop surface material, making it ideal for any kitchen or bathroom application. One look at the featured kitchen shows the prestige effect YDL Stone quartz stone can bring to your home.

YDL Stone is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quartz stone and natural stone material products. Quartz stone is renowned for its versatility, having many applications including shower recesses, vanities and splashbacks (except in high-heat areas). YDL Stone has a selected a range of colours and patterns that would suit any décor.

For the featured kitchen, YDL Stone’s client (Grandville Homes) wanted a classic, hard-wearing kitchen benchtop that would complement the surrounding space. The result is a benchtop that will stand the test of time, both in its appearance and its durability. Whether your home is classic and traditional or contemporary and modern, YDL Stone will help you find the perfect product for your home.

The YDL Stone benchtop gives the featured kitchen a classic, clean look that will withstand many years of rigorous use while still retaining its aesthetic appeal.

The homeowner won’t have to worry about a thing, as the YDL Stone product is under a ten-year warranty. The technical process used in the manufacturing of quartz stone produces a dense, non-porous, polished surface with an enduring shine.

Two of the many beneficial characteristics of YDL Stone’s products are its bacteria resistance and easy maintenance, which makes light work for the homeowner. The rich colour range available from YDL Stone makes it easy to best match any of your stone surface needs with your personal taste.

Visit the YDL Stone website or one of the company’s showrooms to view the range of quartz stone, granite and marble benchtops. At the showrooms, the friendly YDL Stone staff is on hand to help you with all of your benchtop needs.