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Photography credit: Avel Innovations

Life in the Digital Age

For many modern households, the kitchen is the centrepiece of the home – functioning as a multi-purpose gathering space and family hub, not just a place to prepare meals. The addition of a TV screen to your kitchen cabinets may not seem like an obvious one to most, but read along as Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design’s Jacqueline Foy sits down with Nick Vlahoulis, owner and director of Avel Innovations while he explains how the inclusion of a cabinet door TV can bring your latest kitchen renovation in line with the most up-to-date in must-have technology.

Photography credit: Avel Innovations
Photography credit: Avel Innovations
Photography credit: Avel Innovations

If you’re in the market to improve your lifestyle and home functionality with the latest technology, Avel Innovations strives to provide the best solutions in the industry. The expert team understands that your home is a reflection of you and your way of life, and will work closely with you to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Avel Innovations’ expansive TV range covers a wealth of requirements, from space saving options to tempered glass panel-fitted TVs that are waterproof and able to be installed above ovens and cooktops – Avel Innovations even has the technology to install TV screens within mirrors and is soon introducing mirrored wardrobe door TVs, so it isn’t all about the kitchen. The sleek designs fit in seamlessly with any aesthetic, installed with meticulous craftmanship and built to last. With Avel Innovations’ products as the perfect high-tech addition to your kitchen, you can transform your space into even more of a multi-purpose hub of the home. With every Avel Innovations TV fit-for-purpose, Vlahoulis is the expert on incorporating innovative technology into your kitchen design.


Vlahoulis believes that incorporating TVs into kitchen and bathroom design is a natural next step following ever-developing trends in new smart home technology. “The way things are going, technology is everywhere,” he says, stating that kitchen and bathrooms are some of the only areas of home design that are missing out when it comes to new smart home innovations. Vlahoulis points out that mid-century kitchens often incorporated small TVs on counters, but they faded out of kitchen designs over the years – so why not bring back this useful application of the common household item?

Vlahoulis points out that the beginnings of connected kitchen design are coming back in style, looking to smart fridges that incorporate touchscreens as an increasingly common example. Alongside appliances such as these, he suggests bringing technology right into the built-in kitchen design. “In most scenarios, the living area is a bit away from the kitchen,” Vlahoulis explains, pointing out that bringing a television screen into the kitchen allows for much easier access to technology that makes life easier. If you want to follow along with a recipe or a chef’s instructional video, having an integrated screen that is accessible within your kitchen is more convenient than trying to navigate on your phone or smaller tablet, or stretch your gaze towards a distant living room television. Plus, Vlahoulis says it’s good to have one if you simply want to browse the net or watch a movie while you cook or clean. “Basically, [it’s] entertainment as you’re preparing meals,” he says.


Some people consider a TV in the kitchen to be an eyesore, disrupting the clean appearance of the kitchen and taking up valuable benchtop real estate, but this isn’t true anymore. Modern televisions are sleek and inconspicuous, easily mounted onto walls, or in Avel Innovations’ case, mounted faultlessly within a functional overhead cabinet door. Avel Innovation’s cabinet door TVs are designed to seamlessly blend in with your wider kitchen design, matching the frame colour to suit your kitchen appliances and not compromise your design aesthetic. “It’s a metal frame,” Vlahoulis says, “[with] touch buttons on the screen so you don’t need to have a remote control,” he explains of the modern design. Avel Innovations’ TVs also ensure that full use of the cabinets behind the TVs remains completely functional – making sure that no available space goes to waste. When incorporating technology into your kitchen design, you want something that can blend in, which cabinet door TVs can do without a hitch.


If you’re sold on the idea of the addition of a TV to your kitchen design, but you aren’t sure how it works, Vlahoulis explains simply: “[it’s] a smart TV that has been designed to fit in the cabinet and works like a regular cabinet.” According to Vlahoulis, the cabinets open and close as normal with Avel Innovations supplied Blum or Häfele systems, thus allowing full use of space behind the sleek addition of the cabinet door television. If you’re worried about how a screen stands up against the heat of other kitchen appliances, don’t be – Vlahoulis says that all Avel Innovations’ products are fitted with a tempered glass panel, making them waterproof and giving them a heat dissipation structure, making sure they’re resistant to the kitchen environment.

When it comes time to install your TV, Vlahoulis explains that it is essential to engage a professional, especially if you’re retrofitting a TV into an existing cabinet space. “It’s not something that you grab, open the box and you put it together yourself,” he says. “I discuss specific information, [like] what size cabinet will the TV be mounted on and what type of system lift up system is required,” Vlahoulis goes on, explaining the necessity of a custom cabinet maker and installer. With exciting developments and partnerships on the horizon, be sure to keep an eye on Avel Innovations as the company continues to expand its impressive services. The friendly team is always happy to help, so get in touch with Vlahoulis and his staff with any queries about their range of advanced home technology solutions.

Photography credit: Avel Innovations

Images courtesy of Avel Innovations